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Press Releases

DEA’s Diversion Control Division strives to prevent, detect, and investigate the diversion of controlled pharmaceuticals and listed chemicals from legitimate sources. When the safety and health of the American people is in jeopardy, DEA takes action against those who violate the law. Read the latest on these enforcement cases and civil actions.

November 2023

Former Nurse Sentenced for Drug Diversion from Boston-Area Hospital (November 15, 2023)

DEA’s National Prescription Drug Take Day Removes Almost 600,000 Pounds of Unneeded Prescription Medications Across the Country (November 07, 2023)

Federal Court Orders Puerto Rico Pharmaceutical Distributor to Pay $12 Million in Connection with Alleged Failure to Report Suspicious Orders of Pharmaceutical Drugs and Other Controlled Substance Violations (November 6, 2023)

Ozark Nurse Convicted of Illegally Providing Prescriptions to Clinic Patients (November 3, 2023)

Former Gadsden Pharmacist and City School Board Member Sentenced for Drug Distribution Conspiracy and Tax Crimes (November 2, 2023)

October 2023

DEA Executes Operation Bottleneck to Prevent the Diversion of Controlled Substances and Keep Communities Safe (October 31, 2023)

New Jersey Man Admits to Conspiring with India-Based Company to Mail Illicit Pharmaceutical Meds to U.S. (October 25, 2023)

Federal Court Orders San Antonio-Area Pharmacy and Pharmacist to Pay $275,000 Civil Penalty in Case Alleging Unlawful Opioid Distribution (October 11, 2023)

Nurse Practitioner Arrested, Charged with Selling Oxymorphone (October 5, 2023)

Passaic County Doctor Charged in Conspiracy to Distribute Opioids (October 4, 2023)

Justice Department Announces Eight Indictments Against China Based Chemical Manufacturing Companies and Employees (October 03, 2023)

Ferry County Hospital District Agrees to Pay $15,000 Penalty and Implement Corrective Actions to Address Improper Opioid Dispensing Practices at Republic Pharmacy (October 2, 2023)

September 2023

Physician Charged with Distributing a Controlled Substance Appears in Federal Court (September 29, 2023)

Former Chief Operating Officer of Area Pain Clinics Indicted (September 29, 2023)

New Hampshire Doctor Indicted for Unlawfully Distributing Opioids and Benzodiazepines (September 19, 2023)

Pharmacist Convicted for Conspiring to Unlawfully Dispense Over 100,000 Opioid Pills (September 14, 2023)

Pharmacy Agrees to Pay $250,000 for Improperly Distributing Prescriptions (September 14, 2023)

August 2023

Health Care Company and Cheshire Pharmacy Pay $500K to Resolve Controlled Substances Act Allegations (August 31, 2023)

Former Auburn Physician Pays $135,000 and Forfeits DEA Registration, for Overprescribing Controlled Substances (August 30, 2023)

Austin Pharmacy to Pay $200,000 in Civil Penalties for Alleged Violations of the Controlled Substances Act (August 17, 2023)

CA Attorney General Bonta Announces Arrest of Santa Clara Doctor for Illegal Opioid Prescription Scheme (August 11, 2023)

Physician Assistant at Chicago Medical Practice Charged with Fraudulently Writing Opioid Prescriptions (August 4, 2023)

Missouri Woman Admits Fraudulently Obtaining Pain Pills Meant for Animals (August 4, 2023)

Christian & Missionary Alliance Foundation, Inc. Agrees to Pay $250,000 to Resolve Alleged Violations of the Controlled Substances Act (August 3, 2023)

Missouri Nurse Sentenced for Taking Leftover Fentanyl from Hospital (August 1, 2023)

July 2023

Toms River Woman Charged with Unauthorized Practice of Medicine, Forgery, Health Care Claims Fraud, and Distribution of a Controlled Dangerous Substance (July 27, 2023)

Pharmaceutical President Sentenced in Counterfeit Drug Trafficking Conspiracy (July 27, 2023)

Doctor Convicted of Unlawfully Distributing Opioids (July 26, 2023)

Suburban Chicago Physician Sentenced to Federal Prison for Prescribing Opioids Without a Medical Exam (July 17, 2023)

Consent Decree Approved Among the U.S. and Cumberland, M.D. based Pharmacy and Pharmacist (July 6, 2023)

Court Orders Maryland Pharmacy to Pay $120,000 Penalty in Case Alleging Unlawful Opioid Distribution (July 6, 2023)

June 2023

Boise Nurse Practitioner and Patient/Medical Assistant Charged with Conspiracy to Distribute Opioids (June 30, 2023)

Fourth Circuit Upholds Former Tabor City Doctor’s Conviction for Operating a Pill Mill (June 26, 2023)

CVS To Pay $70,000 To Resolve Allegations That It Filled Fake Prescriptions (June 26, 2023)

Wilmington Doctor to Pay $170,000 to Resolve Allegations of Unlawful Prescribing of Opioids (June 23, 2023)

Dentist Convicted of Unlawfully Distributing Opioids That Caused Patient’s Death (June 23, 2023)

Jury Convicts Pain Clinic Doctor of Unlawful Drug Distribution, Money Laundering, and Filing a False Tax Return (June 23, 2023)

Three Chinese Chemical Manufacturing Companies and Five Employees Charged with Conspiring to Manufacture Fentanyl (June 23, 2023)

Doctor Convicted of Illegally Distributing Opioids and Other Drugs (June 23, 2023)

Catskill Pharmacy Pays $65,000 to Resolve Controlled Substances Act Allegations (June 22, 2023)

San Jose Doctor Convicted of Twelve Counts of Illegally Prescribing Opioids (June 22, 2023)

Cheshire Medical Center to Pay $2 Million to Settle Allegations of Controlled Substances Act Violations (June 22, 2023)

Former Alaska Advanced Nurse Practitioner Sentenced to 30 Years for Illegally Prescribing Millions of Opioids Causing Five Deaths (June 16, 2023)

Pocatello Nurse Practitioner is Fined and Surrenders License for Unlawful Prescriptions and Fraud (June 14, 2023)

Gloucester County Man Admits Healthcare Fraud (June 13, 2023)

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