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Researcher Training Conference

February 6, 2019; Hilton Anaheim – Anaheim, California

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) held a training conference for all DEA registered Researchers in the State of California on Wednesday, February 6, 2019. There were two sessions conducted. The content of both sessions were exactly the same.

The diversion of pharmaceutical controlled substances throughout the United States is a growing problem. This diversion stems from various sources. This training assisted these registrants in identifying and preventing diversion activity by having a greater knowledge of Federal laws and regulations that affect these registrants. The DEA provided information regarding diversion, registration (including special requirements for schedule I researchers), campus registrations, security, required records and inventories, purchasing controlled substances (including compounded controlled substances), and disposal requirements.

Over 77 Researchers attended the training. Presentations included; Registration of Schedule I-V Researchers; Procedures for Campus Registration, Compounding Drug Issues and Destruction; and Records, Reports, Inventories, and Security.

Presentations from the Researcher Training Conference are below:

Registration of Schedule I-V Researchers – Loren T. Miller, Policy Section Chief, Diversion Control Division

Procedures for Campus Registration, Compounding Drug Issues and Destruction – Lynnette Wingert, Policy Unit Chief, Diversion Control Division

Records, Reports, Inventories, and Security – Charlotte D. Barron, Regulatory Section Chief, Diversion Control Division

NOTE: Presentations by private instructors do not constitute an endorsement by the DEA of the presenters or their products or services.

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