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Diversion Control Division (DEA Headquarters)

Diversion Control Division Organizational Chart

Diversion Control Division Organizational Chart

John Martin, Assistant Administrator (DC) 202 307-7165

  • Matthew J. Strait, Executive Assistant (DCC) 202-307-7165
  • Jessica Thurman, Special Assistant (DCXA) 202-307-7165
  • Raymond K. Brown Deputy Assistant Administrator (DP) 202-307-7165
  • Neil D. Doherty, Deputy Assistant Administrator (DO) 202-307-7165
  • Susan A. Gibson, Deputy Assistant Administrator (DR) 202-307-7165
  • John P. Hegarty, Executive Assistant (DOX) 202-307-7165
  • Donetta M. Spears, Executive Assistant (DRX) 202-307-7165

Diane M. Parks, Section Chief, Diversion Planning & Resources Section (DCA) 202-307-7197

  • Shondra D. Cousins, Unit Chief, Diversion Financial Unit (DCAF) 202-307-7197
  • Theresa N. Olivera, Unit Chief, Diversion General Services Unit (DCAS) 202-307-7197
  • L. Ursula Bivens, Unit Chief, Diversion Value Analysis Unit (DCAV) 202-307-7197

Michael A. Webster, Section Chief, Pharmaceutical Investigations Section (DOP) 202-307-8680

  • Thomas W. Prevoznik, Associate Section Chief (DOP/A) 202-307-8680
  • Michael T. Bostick, Unit Chief, Coordination & Support Unit (DOPC) 202-307-8680
  • June E. Howard, Unit Chief, Targeting & Analysis Unit (DOPT) 202-305-7241

James McNamee, Section Chief, Synthetic Drugs & Chemicals Section (DOS) 202-307-4780

  • Antonio R. Guzman, Associate Section Chief (DOS/A) 202-307-4780

Terry L. Boos, Section Chief, Drug & Chemical Evaluation Section (DPE), 202-307-7183

  • Srihari R. Tella, Unit Chief, Drug & Chemical Control Unit (DPEC) 202-307-7183
  • Liqun L. Wong, Unit Chief, Data Analysis Unit (DPED) 202-307-7183

James A. Arnold, Section Chief, Liaison & Policy Section (DPL) 202-307-7297

  • Scott A. Brinks, Acting Liaison Unit Chief, (DPLL) 202-307-7297

Kathy L. Federico, Acting Section Chief, Regulatory Drafting & Policy Support Section (DPW) 202-598-8953

Loren T. Miller, Section Chief, (DPY) 202-307-7297

  • Lynnette M. Wingert, Policy Unit Chief, Regulatory Unit (DPYP) 202-307-7297

Charlotte D. Barron, Section Chief, Regulatory Section (DRG) 202-307-7194

  • Kurtis R. Roth, Unit Chief, Regulatory Unit (DRGR) 202-307-7194

Jorge L. Jimenez, Section Chief, Import/Export Section (DRI) 202-307-7194

  • Spencer R. Shelton, Unit Chief, Import/Export Unit (DRII) 202-307-7194

Stacy Harper-Avilla, Section Chief, UN Reporting & Quota Section (DRQ), 202-307-7184

  • Vacant, Unit Chief, UN Reporting & Quota Section (DRQ) 202-307-7184

Erika Gehrmann, Section Chief, Registration & Program Support Section (DRR) 202-307-4925

  • Carolyn B. Adams, Associate Section Chief (DRR/A) 202-307-4925
  • Vacant, Unit Chief, ARCOS Unit (DRRA) 202-307-8600
  • Richard C. Parks, Unit Chief, Operations Unit (DRRO) 202-307-4925
  • Andrew W. Breiner, Unit Chief, Customer Response Unit (DRRC) 202-307-4925
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