Application for Permit to Import Controlled Substances (DEA-357)

The application form must be completed in duplicate:

The ORIGINAL is submitted to DEA for processing.

The duplicate is retained in the importer's files until the shipment is received. At that time, the following information should be entered in Item 6c: DEA import permit number, actual quantity imported and date received. After this information is entered, it is requested that a copy be made and forwarded to DEA.

Further information regarding the DEA-357 form may be found in Title 21, Code of Federal Regulations, Sections 1312.12-13.

Instructions for Completing the DEA-357 Form

Item A - Enter date application prepared.
Item B - Enter the application number. The number is solely for the use of the importer.
Item C/D - Enter name/address of importer as shown on DEA registration certificate. Address
must be that to which the substance will be shipped.

Permits will be mailed to the importer at this address unless contrary
instructions are attached to and made part of this application.

Item E - Enter importer's telephone number (telephone number for the person who
actually completes the form in case there are any questions).
Item F - Enter importer's DEA registration number.
Item G - Enter signature and title of the person making application.

Item 1/2 - Enter the name and address of the foreign exporter.

Note that controlled substances may not be imported by mail or parcel post!

Item 3 - Enter city and country of foreign port of exportation.
Item 4 - Enter city and state of domestic port of importation (U.S. Customs port where
substance will be cleared).
Item 5 - Enter latest date shipment will leave foreign port of exportation.
Item 6a - Enter names as shown on labels; numbers and sizes of packages; strength of
tablets, capsules, etc.; CSA Drug Code, and NDC Number (if known).
Item 6b - Enter name and controlled substance content (in grams) of drug, compound or
preparation to be imported, as well as the anhydrous acid, base or alkaloid
content (in grams), if applicable.
Item 6c - Enter the DEA import permit number, date received and actual quantity imported
once the shipment has been received and forward a copy to DEA.
Item 7a-7d - Only importers of crude opium, poppy straw, concentrate of poppy straw, and
coca leaves complete this item.
Item 8 - If applicable, enter brief statement as to scientific uses for which the substance will
be put after its importation, e.g., "For chemical and clinical study of its properties
and suitability for medical distribution." Also, enter signature of certifying individual.

Example of Form 357