Controlled Substances Import/Export Declaration (DEA-236 as Import)

The declaration is a quintuplicate-copy form:

Copies 1, 2 and 3 are to be forwarded to the foreign shipper as follows:

Copy 1 will be submitted by the foreign shipper to the proper government authority in the foreign country if required for issuance of an export authorization. Copy 1 will then accompany the shipment to its destination and will be retained on file by the importer.

Copy 2 will be detached and retained by the appropriate customs official at the foreign port.

Copy 3 will be removed, certified and signed by an official of the United States Customs Service at the U.S. port of entry into the United States, noting any discrepancies. After signature, Copy 3 will be forwarded to the Import/Export Unit of the Diversion Control Division, DEA.

Copy 4 must be furnished to DEA by the importer not later than 15 days prior to the proposed date of importation.

Copy 5 must be retained by the importer until receipt of Copy 1. At that time, the following information should be entered in Item 2c: actual quantity imported and date received. After this information is entered, it is requested that a copy be made and forwarded to DEA.

In emergency or unusual situations, a waiver of the 15-day advance notice may be requested in writing by the importer.

Further information regarding import declarations may be found in Title 21, Code of Federal Regulations, Sections 1312.18-19.

Importer's Instructions for Completing the DEA-236 Form

Item 1a - Mark import declaration box.
Item 1b - Enter name/address of importer as shown on DEA registration certificate. Address must be that to which the substance will be shipped.

Also enter DEA registration number.

Note that shipments cannot be delivered to a post office box; a street address is required!
Item 1c - Enter name and address of broker or forwarding agent, if used.
Item 2a - Enter names as shown on labels; numbers and sizes of packages; strength of tablets, capsules, etc.; CSA Drug Code, and NDC Number.
Item 2b - Enter name and controlled substance content (in grams) of the drug, compound or preparation to be imported, as well as the anhydrous acid, base or alkaloid content (in grams), if applicable.
Item 2c - Enter the date received and actual quantity imported once the shipment has been received and forward a copy to DEA.
Item 3a - Mark box next to "foreign" and enter the city and country of foreign port of exportation and approximate date of departure.
Item 3b - Mark box next to "domestic" and enter city and state of domestic port of importation (U.S. Customs port where shipment will clear) and approximate date of arrival.
Item 4 - Enter name of importing carrier or vessel if known, together with all intermediate carriers. If importing carrier or vessel unknown, indicate mode of transport (air, ship, truck).

Note that import of controlled substances by mail is prohibited!
Item 5 - Enter name and address of foreign exporter.

Item A - Mark appropriate boxes regarding importer's certification of export.
Item B - Enter signature of authorized individual of importer, broker or forwarding agent.
Item C - Enter date declaration prepared.
Item D - Enter name of firm. Also enter the telephone number of the person who actually
completes the form in case there are any questions.

DEA Form 236 - Import