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Chemical Registration and Reporting Requirements

Questions & Answers

Question: How is a DEA Chemical Registration Control Number constructed?

Answer: The Control Number assigned is unique for each applicant. An explanation follows:

Construction of DEA Chemical Registration Control Number

The chemical registration control number, which is a temporary number issued until final registration is approved, has a total of ten characters.


1: The first digit is" W" (indicating the applicant applied online) or an "H" (indication the
applicant applied vial mail).
2-4: These numbers indicate the Julian date.
5-7: These are random numbers that are computer generated.
8-9: These are random numbers that are computer generated indicating the number of
application in a batch.
10: This is a letter which is a code for the activity applied for (i.e., importer, exporter, or

Question: What is the procedure for obtaining status of an application for chemical registration?

Answer: If an applicant has reason to need information about the status of a chemical application, the applicant should contact their Local Diversion Field Office and ask to speak with a Diversion Investigator who will assist them.

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