SPECIAL NOTICE - Cessation of marketing of phenylpropanolamine that may result in recalling of products.

The Food and Drug Administration has recently announced a cessation of marketing of phenylpropanolamine (PPA) that may result in recalling of products containing PPA. As you are aware, PPA is a List I chemical which is used in the illicit synthesis of amphetamine. This matter is of great concern to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) because the risk of diversion of these drug products during this potential recall period represents a significant threat to the public interest. Therefore, DEA urges all firms involved in this recall to observe the following:

Accurately document all returns and all destructions of these products. Receipts and distributions are regulated transactions, if they meet the threshold criteria; records of such transactions must be maintained for two years,

Closely monitor returned inventories pending destruction. Firms may wish to consider maintaining the returned products in a segregated area and/or limiting employee access to only those necessary to process the returned products,

Insure that these PPA products are destroyed beyond reclamation for use in the illicit production of amphetamine.

If transferring the products to another firm for destruction, accurately document the transfer and confirm the legitimacy of the firm.

Observing the above procedures will help to limit the diversion of these PPA products to the illegal manufacture of amphetamine. Questions regarding this issue may be directed to the Liaison and Policy Section at (202) 307-7297.