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Ordering and Delivery

Question: Our program sends individual unit doses of medication to a satellite location. Must we use a DEA Form-222 (order forms)?

Answer: Yes. However, a program may wish to list the total quantity of medication transferred weekly (e.g., 150 doses x 30mg, or 4,500 mg), rather than listing the individual doses transferred on a daily basis to a satellite location. Before you begin to use this method to complete the order form you should obtain permission from your local DEA diversion field office. If you obtain permission to do this, it is recommended that an internal record documenting the actual transfer(s) be maintained, which should include the following:

  • The date the transfer took place;
  • The name of each satellite location;
  • The amount of medication transferred to each satellite location; and
  • The initials/signature of the NTP staff member who transferred the medication.

Question: A program has ordered methadone from their supplier. However, the shipment hasn’t arrived and they are about to run out. Can we "lend" them a few bottles of methadone until their shipment arrives, without initiating a DEA Form-222?

Answer: No. You cannot "lend" them methadone, but you can transfer methadone to the other program to meet its immediate need. Every transfer of a Schedule II controlled substance must be documented on a DEA Form-222 and copies maintained as follows [21 CFR 1305.09(d), (e)]:

  • Copy 1 must be retained by the NTP supplying the methadone;
  • Copy 2 must be mailed to the local DEA diversion field office by the NTP supplying the methadone; and
  • Copy 3 must be retained by the NTP receiving the methadone.

Question: Our program is almost out of methadone and cannot obtain any locally. What can we do?

Answer: Contact your local DEA diversion field office (see Appendix D). The office can authorize an emergency shipment of methadone from your supplier. The local office also will direct you as to the procedure that must be followed to obtain an emergency shipment.

Question: Our program has requested DEA Form-222s, but they have not arrived as yet and we are almost out of methadone. What can we do?

Answer: Contact your local DEA diversion field office (see Appendix D), which can trace your request for order forms and assist you in obtaining an emergency shipment.

Question: Who can accept delivery of methadone/LAAM at the NTP?

Answer: The acceptance of delivery of narcotic substances by an NTP must be made only by a licensed practitioner employed at the facility or other authorized individual designated in writing (excluding persons currently or previously dependent on narcotic drugs). The authorized individual must sign for the narcotics and place his/her specific title (if any) on any invoice. [21 CFR 1301.74(h)].

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