Diversion Control Division, US Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration

National Take-Back Initiative

April 28, 2018 - 10AM to 2PM

Law Enforcement Agencies Only:

For law enforcement agencies that wish to host a collection site, please call the POC in your area.

State DEA POC Main Group #
Alabama GS Justin Wood 205-321-8601
Alaska Heidi Edwards 907-271-2754
Arizona GS Mike Grafton 602-664-5600
Arkansas GS Irvin Reaves 501-217-6512
California (Middle) GS Spencer Shelton 951-328-6201
California (Northern) DPM Steve Buzzeo 415-436-7463
California (Southern) San Diego & Imperial Counties Robert J. Harkins 858-616-4100
Caribbean Melvin Diaz-Rosario 787-277-4950
Colorado IA Tiffany Roehm 720-895-4231
Connecticut IA Katrina Hernandez 860-257-2679
Delaware DI Lynda Eleazer 302-395-4626
District of Columbia DI Caitlin Parker 202-307-5288
Florida Nicole Ragsdale 954-306-4655
Georgia GS Lydia Bagley 404-893-7191
Hawaii DI Leslie Sino-Cruz 808-628-2330
Idaho Kevin Steffen 503-721-6551
Illinois (Northern half) GS Jim Portner 312-582-6983
Illinois (Southern half) Ida Chester 314-538-4600
Indiana (Northern half) A/GS Scott Nowland 219-644-3128
Indiana (Southern half) GS Gary Whisenand 317-226-7977
Iowa Ida Chester 314-538-4600
Kansas Ida Chester 314-538-4600
Kentucky DI Jerry Adair 606-878-3004
Kentucky (Boone, Campbell and Kenton Counties) IA Randy Bramos 513-246-1608
Louisiana DI Alan Clesi 504-840-1073
Maine RAC Mike Wardrop 207-780-3331 x11
Maryland DI Sharon Rees 410-244-3586
Massachusetts IA Angela "Christine" Martin 617-557-2191
Michigan DPM Cathy A. Gallagher 313-226-7539
Michigan-Michigan Rathe Yager 313-234-4232
Minnesota IA Andrew Enriquez 612-344-4102
Mississippi GS Maria Gilbert 601-608-2940
Missouri Ida Chester 314-538-4600
Montana DI Jennifer Birney 406-655-2936
Nebraska Ida Chester 314-538-4600
Nevada GS Charles Pierce 702-591-5311
New Hampshire DI Erin Radebaugh 603-628-7411 x168
New Jersey DI Michael Smilek 973-776-1162
New Mexico IA Andrew Otero 505-452-4640
New York City, Long Island, & Surrounding DPM Susan Baker 212-274-4520
New York Upstate DPM Susan Baker 212-274-4520
North Carolina DI Ashley Wade 336-834-2068
North Dakota IA Andrew Enriquez 612-344-4102
Ohio Central - Columbus IA Randy Bramos 513-246-1608
Ohio Southern-Cincinnati IA Randy Bramos 513-246-1608
Ohio Northern - Cleveland DI Meredith Carter 216-274-3661
Oklahoma DPM Lisa Sullivan 214-366-6900
Oregon Kevin Steffen 503-721-6551
Pennsylvania (Eastern) DI Robert Donnelly 215-238-5184
Pennsylvania (Western) RPS Patricia Robison 412-777-1870
Pennsylvania (Middle) GS Evangela Forbes 717-257-1622
Rhode Island IA Heather Cerra 401-732-2550
South Carolina GS Debra Black 803-253-3441
South Dakota Ida Chester 314-538-4600
Tennessee DI Kendra Toussaint 615-736-7188
Texas (North) Cynthia Velazquez 214-366-6905
Texas (South) Danyell Pennington 713-693-3431
Texas (West) PA Rahamon (Rock) Phillips 915-832-6332
Utah DI Brittani J. Stejskal 801-524-4156
Vermont DI Chris Paquette 802-951-2900
Virginia GS Todd Prough 804-627-6300
Washington Victoria Valles 206-553-1231
West Virginia DI Deandra T Lee 304-347-5209 x153
Wisconsin AGS Laurie Kaufmann 414-336-7379
Wyoming DI Brittani J. Stejskal 801-524-4156
Emergency Disaster Relief
National Prescription Drug Take Back Day. Turn in your unused or expired medication for safe disposal here.
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