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ARCOS Bulletins

Published on an as-needed basis for ARCOS registrants

These bulletins have been prepared by the DEA Diversion Control Division, ARCOS Unit, to assist participating ARCOS registrants with the preparation and submission of required DEA controlled substance transaction reports to ARCOS.

Registration and Program Support Section
Diversion Control Division
Drug Enforcement Administration

December 14, 2011, Volume 15, No.1

Commercial Mailing Address Change (DEA Headquarters)

Effective January 1, 2012, all parcels/mail sent by ARCOS Participants to DEA Headquarters via commercial carrier such as Federal Express (FedEx), United Service (UPS), special messengers, DHL, etc. should be addressed as follows:

DEA Headquarters
8701 Morrissette Drive
Springfield, VA 22152

ARCOS Registrants using the U.S. Postal Service for delivery of ARCOS transaction reporting media, or other documents, must use the following address:

Drug Enforcement Administration
PO Box 2520
Springfield, VA 22152-2520

September 1, 2008, Volume 12, No. 2

Change in ARCOS Reporting Media Formats

Effective January 1, 2009, the ARCOS Unit will no longer accept ARCOS reports submitted on 3.5" diskettes or compact disks (CD). Participants currently filing automated reports on CDs or diskettes must switch to the ARCOS Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) uploading procedure on the DEA Diversion Control Division website.

Instructions regarding registration for the automated EDI reporting upload procedure may be found at the following Internet website: http://www.deadiversion.usdoj.gov/arcos/index.html

We anticipate no changes for participants reporting on the manual DEA Form-333, "ARCOS TRANSACTION REPORTING", at this time.

Please contact the ARCOS Unit on 1-800-882-9539 if you have any questions regarding this change in ARCOS reporting procedures.

Effective Date: January 1, 2009

Applicability: This bulletin applies to all ARCOS participants.

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