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Title 21 Code of Federal Regulations



§1313.31 Advance notice of importation for transshipment or transfer.

(a) A quantity of a chemical listed in §1310.02 of this chapter that meets or exceeds the threshold reporting requirements found in §1310.04(f) of this chapter may be imported into the United States for transshipment, or may be transferred or transshipped within the United States for immediate exportation, provided that advance notice is given to the Administration.

(b) Advance notification must be provided to the Regulatory Section, Diversion Control Division, Drug Enforcement Administration, not later than 15 calendar days prior to the proposed date the listed chemical will transship or transfer through the United States. See the Table of DEA Mailing Addresses in §1321.01 of this chapter for the current mailing address. A separate notification is required for each shipment of listed chemicals to be transferred or transshipped. The written notification (not a DEA Form 486) must contain the following information:

(1) The date the notice was executed;

(2) The complete name and description of the listed chemical as it appears on the label or container.

(3) The name of the listed chemical as designated by §1310.02 of this chapter.

(4) The number of containers and the size or weight of the container for each listed item;

(5) The net weight of each listed chemical given in kilograms or parts thereof;

(6) The gross weight of the shipment given in kilograms or parts thereof;

(7) The name/business name, address/business address, and contact information (e.g., telephone number(s), email address(es), etc.) and type of business of the foreign exporter;

(8) The foreign port and country of export;

(9) The approximate date of exportation;

(10) The complete identification of the exporting carrier;

(11) The name, address, business, telephone number, and, where available, the facsimile number of the importer, transferor, or transshipper;

(12) The U.S. port of entry;

(13) The approximate date of entry;

(14) The name/business name, address/business address, and contact information (e.g., telephone number(s), email address(es), etc.) and type of business of the consignee at the foreign port or country of entry;

(15) The shipping route from the U.S. port of export to the foreign port or country of entry at final destination;

(16) The approximate date of receipt by the consignee at the foreign port of entry; and

(17) The signature of the importer, transferor or transshipper, or his agent, accompanied by the agent's title.

(c) Unless notified to the contrary prior to the expected date of delivery, the importation for transshipment or transfer is considered approved.

(d) No waiver of the 15-day advance notice will be given for imports of listed chemicals in quantities meeting or exceeding threshold quantities for transshipment or transfer outside the United States.

[54 FR 31665, Aug. 1, 1989, as amended at 67 FR 49569, July 31, 2002; 75 FR 10684, Mar. 9, 2010; 77 FR 4237, Jan. 27, 2012; 81 FR 97039, Dec. 30, 2016]

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