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Title 21 Code of Federal Regulations



§1309.32 Application forms; contents; signature.

(a) Any person who is required to be registered pursuant to §1309.21 and is not so registered, shall apply on DEA Form 510.

(b) Any person who is registered pursuant to Section 1309.21, shall apply for reregistration on DEA Form 510a.

(c) DEA Form 510 may be obtained at any divisional office of the Administration or by writing to the Registration Section, Drug Enforcement Administration. See the Table of DEA Mailing Addresses in §1321.01 of this chapter for the current mailing address. DEA Form 510a will be mailed to each List I chemical registrant approximately 60 days before the expiration date of his or her registration; if any registered person does not receive such forms within 45 days before the expiration date of the registration, notice must be promptly given of such fact and DEA Form 510a must be requested by writing to the Registration Section of the Administration at the foregoing address.

(d) Each application for registration must include the Administration Chemical Code Number, as set forth in §1310.02 of this chapter, for each List I chemical to be manufactured, distributed, imported, or exported.

(e) Registration shall not entitle a person to engage in any activity with any List I chemical not specified in his or her application.

(f) Each application shall include all information called for in the form, unless the item is not applicable, in which case this fact shall be indicated.

(g) Each application, attachment, or other document filed as part of an application, shall be signed by the applicant, if an individual; by a partner of the applicant, if a partnership; or by an officer of the applicant, if a corporation, corporate division, association, trust or other entity. An applicant may authorize one or more individuals, who would not otherwise be authorized to do so, to sign applications for the applicant by filing with the application or other document a power of attorney for each such individual. The power of attorney shall be signed by a person who is authorized to sign applications under this paragraph and shall contain the signature of the individual being authorized to sign the application or other document. The power of attorney shall be valid until revoked by the applicant.

[60 FR 32454, June 22, 1995, as amended at 75 FR 10680, Mar. 9, 2010; 81 FR 97021, Dec. 30, 2016]

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