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Title 21 Code of Federal Regulations



§1305.22 Procedure for filling electronic orders.

(a) A purchaser must submit the order to a specific supplier. The supplier may initially process the order (e.g., entry of the order into the computer system, billing functions, inventory identification, etc.) centrally at any location, regardless of the location's registration with DEA. Following centralized processing, the supplier may distribute the order to one or more registered locations maintained by the supplier for filling. The registrant must maintain control of the processing of the order at all times.

(b) A supplier may fill the order for a Schedule I or II controlled substance, if possible and if the supplier desires to do so and is authorized to do so under §1305.06.

(c) A supplier must do the following before filling the order:

(1) Verify the integrity of the signature and the order by using software that complies with Part 1311 of this chapter to validate the order.

(2) Verify that the digital certificate has not expired.

(3) Check the validity of the certificate holder's certificate by checking the Certificate Revocation List. The supplier may cache the Certificate Revocation List until it expires.

(4) Verify the registrant's eligibility to order the controlled substances by checking the certificate extension data.

(d) The supplier must retain an electronic record of every order, and, linked to each order, a record of the number of commercial or bulk containers furnished on each item and the date on which the supplier shipped the containers to the purchaser. The linked record must also include any data on the original order that the supplier completes. Software used to handle digitally signed orders must comply with part 1311 of this chapter.

(e) If an order cannot be filled in its entirety, a supplier may fill it in part and supply the balance by additional shipments within 60 days following the date of the order. No order is valid more than 60 days after its execution by the purchaser, except as specified in paragraph (h) of this section.

(f) A supplier must ship the controlled substances to the registered location associated with the digital certificate used to sign the order, except as specified in paragraph (h) of this section.

(g) When a purchaser receives a shipment, the purchaser must create a record of the quantity of each item received and the date received. The record must be electronically linked to the original order and archived.

(h) Registered procurement officers of the Defense Supply Center of the Defense Logistics Agency may order controlled substances for delivery to armed services establishments within the United States. These orders may be shipped to locations other than the registered location, and in partial shipments at different times not to exceed six months from the date of the order, as designated by the procurement officer when submitting the order.

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