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§1304.55 Reports by online pharmacies

(a) Each online pharmacy shall report to the Administrator the total quantity of each controlled substance that the pharmacy has dispensed each calendar month. The report must include the total quantity of such dispensing by any means, regardless of whether the controlled substances are dispensed by means of the Internet. Thus, such reporting shall include all controlled substances dispensed via Internet transactions, mail-order transactions, face-to-face transactions, or any other means. However, the pharmacy is not required to describe in its report to the Administrator such means of dispensing. Such reporting is required for every calendar month in which the total quantity of controlled substances dispensed by the pharmacy meets or exceeds one of the following thresholds:

(1) 100 or more prescriptions for controlled substances filled; or

(2) 5,000 or more dosage units dispensed of all controlled substances combined.

(b) Each online pharmacy shall report a negative response if, during a given calendar month, its total dispensing of controlled substances falls below both of the thresholds in paragraph (a) of this section.

(c) The reporting requirements of this section apply to every pharmacy that, at any time during a calendar month, holds a modified registration authorizing it to operate as an online pharmacy, regardless of whether the online pharmacy dispenses any controlled substances by means of the Internet during the month.

(d) Reports will be submitted to DEA electronically via online reporting, electronic file upload, or other means as approved by DEA.

(e) Reports shall be filed every month not later than the fifteenth day of the month succeeding the month for which they are submitted.

(f) An online pharmacy filing a report under paragraph (a) of this section shall utilize the National Drug Code number assigned to the product under the National Drug Code System of the Food and Drug Administration, and indicate the total number of dosage units dispensed for each such National Drug Code number.

(g) Records required to be kept under this section must be kept by the registrant for at least two years from the date of such records. The information shall be readily retrievable from the ordinary business records of the registrant and available for inspection and copying by authorized employees of the Administration.

[74 FR 15623, Apr. 6, 2009]

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