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§1301.32 Action on applications for research in Schedule I substances.

(a) In the case of an application for registration to conduct research with controlled substances listed in Schedule I, the Administrator shall process the application and protocol and forward a copy of each to the Secretary of Health and Human Services (Secretary) within 7 days after receipt. The Secretary shall determine the qualifications and competency of the applicant, as well as the merits of the protocol (and shall notify the Administrator of his/her determination) within 21 days after receipt of the application and complete protocol, except that in the case of a clinical investigation, the Secretary shall have 30 days to make such determination and notify the Administrator. The Secretary, in determining the merits of the protocol, shall consult with the Administrator as to effective procedures to safeguard adequately against diversion of such controlled substances from legitimate medical or scientific use.

(b) An applicant whose protocol is defective shall be notified by the Secretary within 21 days after receipt of such protocol from the Administrator (or in the case of a clinical investigation within 30 days), and he/she shall be requested to correct the existing defects before consideration shall be given to his/her submission.

(c) If the Secretary determines the applicant qualified and competent and the research protocol meritorious, he/she shall notify the Administrator in writing of such determination. The Administrator shall issue a certificate of registration within 10 days after receipt of this notice, unless he/she determines that the certificate of registration should be denied on a ground specified in section 304(a) of the Act (21 U.S.C. 824(a)). In the case of a supplemental protocol, a replacement certificate of registration shall be issued by the Administrator.

(d) If the Secretary determines that the protocol is not meritorious and/or the applicant is not qualified or competent, he/she shall notify the Administrator in writing setting forth the reasons for such determination. If the Administrator determines that grounds exist for the denial of the application, he/she shall within 10 days issue an order to show cause pursuant to Sec. 1301.37 and, if requested by the applicant, hold a hearing on the application pursuant to Sec. 1301.41. If the grounds for denial of the application include a determination by the Secretary, the Secretary or his duly authorized agent shall furnish testimony and documents pertaining to his determination at such hearing.

(e) Supplemental protocols will be processed in the same manner as original research protocols. If the processing of an application or research protocol is delayed beyond the time limits imposed by this section, the applicant shall be so notified in writing.

[62 FR 13953, Mar. 24, 1997]

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