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Office of Diversion Control (DEA Headquarters)

Office of Diversion Control Organizational Chart

Office of Diversion Control Organizational Chart


Joseph T. Rannazzisi, Deputy Assistant Administrator (OD) 202 307-7165

  • John R. Scherbenske, Executive Assistant (ODX) 202-307-7165
  • Imelda L. Paredes, Legislative/Diversion Policy Analyst, Executive Assistant (ODXL) 202-307-7165
  • John W. Partridge, Executive Assistant (OD/DX) 202-307-7165
  • Melissa Kellstrom, Special Assistant (ODXS) 202-307-7165

Christine A. Sannerud, Section Chief, UN Reporting & Quota Unit (ODEQ), 202-307-7184

  • Stacy Harper-Avilla, Unit Chief, UN Reporting & Quota Unit (ODEQ) 202-307-7184

Diane M. Parks, Chief, Diversion Planning & Resources Section (ODA) 202-307-7197

  • Shondra D. Cousins, Chief, Diversion Financial Unit (ODAF) 202-307-7197
  • Lynn J. Bossert, Chief, Diversion General Services Unit (ODAS) 202-307-7197
  • L. Ursula Bivens, Chief, Diversion Value Analysis Unit (ODAV) 202-307-7197

Christine A. Sannerud, Section Chief, Drug & Chemical Evaluation Section (ODE), 202-307-7183

  • Srihari R. Tella, Chief, Drug & Chemical Control Unit (ODEC) 202-307-7183
  • Liqun L. Wong, Chief, Data Analysis Unit (ODED) 202-307-7183

Cathy A. Gallagher, Chief, Regulatory Section (ODG) 202-307-7194

  • Michele D. Herron, Regulatory Unit (ODGR) 202-307-7194
  • Alora (Jean) Willis (A), Chief, Import/Export Unit (ODGI) 202-307-7194

Ruth A. Carter, Chief, Liaison & Policy Section (ODL) 202-307-7297

  • Barbara J. Boockholdt, Associate Section Chief (ODL/A) 202-307-7297
  • Thomas W. Prevoznik, Liaison Unit (ODLL) 202-307-7297
  • James A. Arnold, Chief, Regulatory Unit (ODGR) 202-307-7297
  • Barbara J. Boockholdt, Regulatory Drafting/Policy Analysis Unit (ODLR) 202-307-7297

Duane H. Stickles, Pharmaceutical Investigations Section (ODP) 202-307-8680

  • Gwendolyn K. Mack, Associate Section Chief (ODP/A) 202-307-8680
  • Milton A. Tyrell, Investigative Unit (ODPI) 202-307-8680
  • Kyle J. Wright, Chief, Targeting and Analysis Unit (ODPT) 202-307-4949

Richard A. Boyd, Chief, Registration & Program Support Section (ODR) 202-307-4925

  • Carolyn B. Adams, Deputy Section Chief (ODR/D) 202-307-4925
  • Alan N. Drumheller, Chief, ARCOS Unit (ODRA) 202-307-8600
  • Loren T. Miller, Chief, Operations Unit (ODRO) 202-307-4925

Shontal Linder, Chief, Synthetic Drugs and Chemicals Section (ODS) 202-307-4780

  • Erika Gehrmann, Associate Section Chief (ODS/A) 202-307-4780

Bernard A. Carpenter (A) Chief, Diversion Technology Section (ODT) 202-307-2470

  • Bernard A. Carpenter, Deputy Section Chief, Diversion Technology Section (ODT/D) 202-307-2470
  • Noel D. Goretsas, Chief, Hardware Support & Development Team 202-307-2470
  • Kathleen M. Schrader, Chief, Application Support & Development Team 202-598-2534
  • Chris A. Jewell, Chief, Security/C&A Team 703-285-7704
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