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To Apply for New Applications for Registration through the U.S. Postal Service

The Office of Diversion Control Web Interactive Forms (ODWIF) can only process credit card transactions at this time. If you are paying by check, you will need to use the PDF version of the form, then print and mail the form to the address listed on the form.

Renewal Applications

ONLY available through the Online Application System. Paper forms may be obtained by writing to: Drug Enforcement Administration, Attn: ODR, PO Box 2639, Springfield, VA 22152-2639

New Applications

Download the available PDF Version, complete the application and mail via U.S. Postal service to the address listed on the application. Paper form may also be obtained by writing: Drug Enforcement Administration Attn: ODR PO Box 2639 Springfield, VA 22152-2639

DEA Form 224 is not available in PDF format | DEA Form 224 Instructions

DEA Form 225 (PDF) | DEA Form 225 Instructions

DEA Form 363 (PDF) | DEA Form 363 Instructions

DEA Form 510 (PDF) | DEA Form 510 Instructions

For Registration Help - - Please be sure to include your DEA Registration number in your email.

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